Towards Culture(s) of Dialogue?

Communicating Unity in/and Diversity through Language and Discourse

Warsaw, 22-25 September 2020

Institute of Applied Linguistics

University of Warsaw

Tuesday, 22nd September

Time (UTC)Room 1
13.30Conference opening
Rector of the University of Warsaw
Prof. Anna Jopek-Bosiacka, Head of the Institute of Applied Linguistics
Prof. François Cooren, President of the International Association for Dialogue Analysis
14.00-14.40Opening lecture
Urszula Okulska
14.40-15.40Plenary lecture
Edda Weigand Dialogue: The complex whole

chair: Urszula Okulska
Time (UTC)Room 1Room 2Room 3
16.30-18.30Parallel sessions
Dialogue in institutionsDeliberation vs. manipulation in environmental issuesTranslation and interpretation as intercultural dialogue
chair:chair:chair: Anna Jopek-Bosiacka [BIE, SAL]
16.30-17.00André ContaniTheresa CastorAgnieszka Biernacka
Narratives as discursive construction of reality in a technological environmentDiscourse strategies in institutional dialogue: The role of ventriloquism in a water resource decision Overlaps in interpreter-mediated institutional talk of the courtroom
17.00-17.30.Marie CarcassonneAlain LétourneauIrina Bogdanova
Narrative interview and transmission of values: What do accountants do when they tell their stories to students?What do we actually mean when we talk about “co-construction”? A dialogic analysis of specific interventions in an Adaptation to Climate Change projectTowards dialogue of legal cultures: Deciphering cultural scripts in Anglo-American and Russian contract law
17.30-18.00Asma NesbaAyoub Hanna Ayoub, Eloiza Cristiane Torres, Miguel Luiz Contani Hanna Salich
Towards professionalism in electronic institutional dialogueEnvironment regulations:
Geographic science and dialogues in the journalistic debate
Lem’s playful neologisms as carriers of erudite allusions and their translation into English
18.00-18.30Chaim NoyDiscussion loungeIrina Smirnova-Bereza
The dialogic museum(?): Notes on paper materialities and voice in the public sphereCartoon quotes in a public discourse and in an intercultural dialogue. Origin, application and translation
Discussion loungeDiscussion lounge
19.00-19.30Room 1
Social programme
Virtual tour of the University of Warsaw – guided by students of the Institute of Applied Linguistics

Wednesday, 23rd September

Time (UTC)Room 1Room 2Room 3
13.30-15.30Parallel sessions
Pragmatics and semantics of dialogueDialogue and identity in the mediaPANEL
Negotiating interactive unity in psychotherapy and related formats
chair: Ewa Nowik-Dziewicka [TOP]chair: chairs: Claudio Scarvaglieri, Peter Muntigl [OKL, PAW]
13.30-14.00Wakweya Olani GobenaLuisa Granato, Maria Leticia MocceroClaudio Scarvaglieri, Peter Muntigl
Euphemistic expressions in Oromo syntax: An ethnolinguistic perspectiveJoint construction of positioning in political interviewsInterpreter-mediated communication in mental health: Societal needs, communicative challenges, therapeutic potentials
14.00-14.30Iwona Witczak-PlisieckaMiri Cohen-AchdutBernadetta Janusz, Feliks Matusiak, Anssi Peräkylä
J. L. Austin’s speech acts: Orphan sentences vis-à-vis speech actions and polyphonic discourse“You wouldn’t have asked that if I were a man” – Dialogical positioning in female-politicians’ premiere interviewsHow couple therapists manage asymmetries of interaction in first consultations
14.30-15.00Urszula TopczewskaMaria SzymańskaJoanna Pawelczyk
Silence in dialogue. Speech pauses as indirect speech actsElements of political discourse in a drag queen performanceInteraction types, morality and gender in psychotherapy with women suffering from eating disorders
15.00-15.30Discussion loungeZohar LivnatDiscussion lounge
The dialogic dimension of parliamentary first speeches
15.30-15.50Discussion lounge
15.50-16.50Plenary lecture
François Cooren
chair: Joanna Pawelczyk
17.00-18.30Parallel sessions
Room 1
Pragmatics and semantics of dialogue
Room 2
Dialogue and identity in the media
Room 3
Negotiating interactive unity in psychotherapy and related formats
chair: Urszula Topczewska [NOW]chair: chairs: Claudio Scarvaglieri, Peter Muntigl [OKL, PAW]
17.00-17.30Citlaly Aguilar Campos
Raluca Levonian
Ágnes Kuna
Perlocutionary speech act produced by the proposal #TheNineNoneMoves‘United as the Church’: Self-presentation of Christian devotees in religious media interviewsPerspectivation and polarization in doctor-patient interaction
17.30-18.00Andrzej Zuczkowski, Ramona Bongelli, Ilaria Riccioni, Gill PhilipSabrina FusariLetizia Caronia, Federica Ranzani, Vittoria Colla
Uncertain questions in dialoguesMultilingualism, multiculturalism and online dialogue in a bilingual food blog Facebook pageAddressing the patient: In/Exclusion practices in triadic medical interaction with unaccompanied minors
18.00-18.30Jo KatambweIosif  Dzyaloshinsky, Maria PilgunDiscussion lounge
Postmodern dialogue: The art of connivanceHeteroglossia and polyphony of voices in digital dialogue: The Russian case
Discussion loungeDiscussion lounge
19.00-19.30Room 1
Social programme
Virtual tour of Warsaw – guided by students of the Institute of Applied Linguistics

Thursday, 24th September

Time (UTC)Room 1Room 2
13.30-15.30Parallel sessions
Confrontation and cooperation in dialogueDialogue in education
chair: chair:
13.30-14.00Sergei KladkoAlevtina A. Kolosova
Communication through cultures in i-wars: The infinity of critical fallaciesIntercultural dialogue in multinational university classroom
14.00-14.30Salah Ahmed MohamedOlga Yashenkova
Sexual harassment, gender, power, ideology and time. A case study of the Hill-Thomas and Ford-Kavanaugh senate hearings Valuing cultural diversity for successful intercultural dialogue
14.30-15.00Alena VasilyevaPhalangchok Wanphet
Constructing disagreement space in the debate on monolingualism versus bilingualismDialogic and pedagogical purposes of two languages- intra-turn and inter-turn analysis of the switching between languages in classroom talk
15.00-15.30Discussion loungeIryna Piniuta
Interpretation of terms in intercultural professional dialogue between foreign language teachers
15.30-16.00BreakDiscussion lounge
16.00-17.00Plenary lecture
Ronald Arnett Dialogue: The hypertextuality of existential trust
17.10-18.40Parallel sessions
Room 1Room 2
Confrontation and cooperation in dialogueDialogue in education
chair: chair:
17.10-17.40Grzegorz KowalskiAnna Pileri, Letizia Caronia
Proximization in news text production and reception Dialogical exchanges during transition moments at the nursery school
17.40-18.10Ibrahim El-HussariClaudio Baraldi, Sara Amadasi
What's in a name? Controversy over the narrative discourse of Ghassan Kanafani's tale Returning to HaifaFacilitation of dialogue and participation of children with migrant background in classroom interaction
18.10-18.40Rachel SharabyNicola Nasi
Activism and dialog among social-political leaders of immigrants from EthiopiaActing as ‘speakers of culture’: Non-native children’s peer socializing practices into institutional norms for language use
Discussion loungeDiscussion lounge
19.10-19.40Room 1
Social programme
Virtual tour of Poland – guided by students of the Institute of Applied Linguistics

Friday, 25th September

Time (UTC)  
13.30-14.30Plenary lecture
Joanna Pawelczyk
Working toward change in psychotherapy: Discourse analytic perspectives
15.00-17.00Parallel sessions
Room 1Room 2
Confrontation and cooperation in dialogueDialogue and migration discourses
chair: Urszula Okulska [.?.]chair: Agnieszka Biernacka [ZUB]
15.00-15.30Ludmilla A’BeckettElena Komarova, Alex Shchipanov
Indirect denunciation of official ‘misrepresentations’ in Russian public foraPolylogue of cultures: Representation of migrants in online media texts
15.30-16.00Jo Katambwe, Jean A. Saludadez Maria Pilgun, Nailia Gabdrakhmanova
The constitution of a dispute: Dialogue as a dialectics of multiplicity and unityImmigrant discourses in intercultural digital dialogue: The Moscow case
16.00-16.30Rafael Jiménez CatañoIlaria Riccioni, Ramona Bongelli, Alessandra Fermani, Andrzej Zuczkowski
Dialogue as person-centered common goods“I would like to stay somewhere in between”. How migrant adolescents construct a third transitional identity in a context of ethnic ghettoization
16.30-17.00Nicolas BencherkiKamil Zubrzycki
Dialogical care and the ethics of existenceThe effect of cultural identity, integration and agency on L2 ultimate attainment. A preliminary study
Room 1
17.10Conference closing / IADA business meeting??
Room 1
Conference closing??